Carolina Seminars 2020-21 Convener Information

Hello and welcome (back) to Carolina Seminars! We’re looking forward to the dynamic and innovative collaborations and conversations waiting to happen this academic year!

As you prepare to lead your seminars, we at Carolina Seminars are always striving to assist and ensure productive outcomes.  Please fill out this form to ensure our records are accurate and our communication methods are effective.

1. A brief description (30-50 word) of your seminar. For examples of descriptions visit:

2. List of Convener or Co-Conveners. (This should only include the names of those who will LEAD the seminar, not participants or attendees). Those included on this list will be added to the Carolina Seminars listserv, Carolina Seminars Sakai, as well documented in our records. 

Please return this information by August 28th, 5:00PM.

Thank you,
Carolina Seminars