How to Apply

2017 – 2018 Call for Proposals

The Carolina Seminars program invites proposals for Carolina Seminars for the 2017-18 academic year. Deadline is May 15, 2017.

Application Form:

About Carolina Seminars
Carolina Seminars provides support for groups of scholars from UNC-Chapel Hill and other academic institutions to study complex problems and issues, bridge disciplinary boundaries, and enrich academic discourse.

Who Should Apply?
We particularly encourage applications that will bring together scholars and students from different backgrounds (professional, racial/ethnic, gender). In addition to logistical support, the program offers modest financial support. Carolina Seminars should meet at least six times during an academic year, unless a compelling case is made for a different meeting plan. Preference will be given to seminars that emphasize in-depth discussion of new or in-progress scholarship.

Seminar Guidelines
Support is available for Carolina Seminars in two formats: the Traditional and the Problem-Based Format. Both formats are described below:

Traditional Format
Traditional Carolina Seminars are formed around an ongoing topic area (examples include Legal History, Climate Science, and American Indian Studies). They must be led by scholars from two different UNC departments and/or two different institutions, one of which must be UNC. Traditional Carolina Seminars will receive base funding of $1,600 for the academic year, and may request additional funding for specific needs. They may be renewed annually as long as they remain intellectually vibrant, active, and in line with the program’s priorities.

Problem-Based Format
Problem-based Carolina Seminars are formed around an intellectual problem or task. These seminars are expected to meet for two or three years, culminating in a specific work (publication, white paper, research agenda, grant proposal, etc.). They will receive guaranteed base funding of $3,250 per year for the duration of the proposed period. They may request additional funding for specific needs.  Problem-based seminars will not be renewed after the proposed period is complete.

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How To Apply
To apply, complete the application form at

Applications are due no later than May 15, 2017.

Contact with any questions.