2015-16 Carolina Seminars roster

The Carolina Seminars Program has announced the 2015-16 roster of Carolina Seminars. The program will support a record 31 seminars, including seven new ones beginning this year. The new Seminars are:

  • Attrition of Women Faculty from STEM Disciplines

  • Closing the Gap in Healthcare Education

  • Education and Inequality

  • Global African Humanities Research Group

  • Health Humanities Working Seminar

  • Images and Implicit Bias: Creating Interventions for High Intensity Professions

  • News Media Confront the Great Fault Line of Race

The continuing seminars are:

  • Aesthetics and Technology

  • African Ecology and Social Processes

  • Alt-Acs in Academe

  • American Indian and Indigenous Studies

  • Business Journalism and Public Policy

  • Climate Change Science

  • Early American History

  • French History and Culture

  • Global British History

  • Global South

  • Health Workforce Research and Policy

  • Judaic Studies

  • Medieval Studies

  • Moral Economies of Medicine

  • Multi-Scale Approaches to Studying Problems in Meiosis

  • North Carolina German Studies Seminar

  • Rethinking Israel/Palestine

  • Russia and its Empires, East and West

  • Theory and Politics of Relationality

  • Transnational and Global Modern History

  • Triangle Health Economics Workshop

  • Triangle Intellectual History Workshop

  • Triangle Legal History Workshop

  • Working Group in Feminism and History

Conveners and participants in this year’s Seminars come from many departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, the UNC-CH Schools of Education, Government, Journalism and Mass Communication, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Social Work, and many other colleges and universities.

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